Eric Hall

Eric Hall CEO & Blogger

Eyeris Tech is a software company based in Houston, TX. We develop property software, apps, and websites for the real estate market. Our software solutions are aimed towards real estate agents, rental agents and holiday rental professionals.

We have been developing software solutions for the real estate sector for the past 10 years. The software frees up the agent’s time and allows him or her to focus on other important tasks. It also speeds up the searching process of appropriate properties from the listings. We have a range of software solutions for different property needs and budget. Our package includes a wide variety of tools which provide effective performance of your business.

Our sales team is very talented and will offer you the product that matches with your requirements. We can also provide customized software package for you. In that case, our consultants will sit with you and discuss your needs before designing customized software for you. Our programmers are very talented and they will incorporate all your requirements in the software so that you can make the best use of it. The apps we develop can be run on any device whether its iOS, Android, or iPad. If you are looking for a complete software solution for your real estate business, then contact us!