Safe Driving Technology

By the end of the first twenty-five years of motoring history, Britainʼs road toll was in the thousands, and something had to be done to curb the terrible cost associated with the centuryʼs newest invention.

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The earliest seatbelts caught on in the 1950ʼs, three-point belts becoming law in some countries (including the UK and Australia) due to their effectiveness in saving lives. Speed limits, air-bags and stability-control technology are some other ideas that have been beneficial for safety, although air bags have the potential to cause injury and even death in children, something car manufacturers are working on to try to eradicate.

We asked the Houston Car Accident Lawyer for his opinion on the matter and he was able to tell us that even though car safety has improved significantly over the last 20 years, there are still many dangers that remain unaccounted for. With the cell phones and mobile devices there are just too many opportunities to be hit by an uninsured driver…or worse.

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