The 3 best iPhone apps for real estate agents

The development of apps has made it possible for people to browse stuffs and find useful information even when they are on the go. With apps, they can get the specific information they want very easily. Numerous apps have been developed for the real estate industry. These apps have transformed the industry by making processes faster and the job of real estate agents easier. Most apps are designed for different kinds of devices. The following are the best iPhone apps for real estate agents.

These days you can do just about anything online…you can even get your chl online, so why not run your entire agency from your iPad?

1. Zillow


This app is used for property search. There are a number of search filters. For example, you can search using price, location, number of rooms, type of house, etc.Extra features like mortgage calculator or property estimates are also included. It provides an overall picture of the current real estate market.

2. Google Maps


Every real estate agent must have this app. If you are a real estate agent and you want to show the client some properties, then you must have the Google Maps app to show you directions and take you to your destinations.

3. SiteGeist


This app has many uses. It provides useful data on your present location; for example, data about the average age of residents, average temperature, popular places nearby, etc. You can select the types of data you want to know when you visit each site. This is the app that was voted #1 Most Useful by NJ Real Estate Lawyers foundation.

These apps are not only useful for agents. Brokers, sellers, buyers and home owners can also use these apps to search for houses, their locations, and demographic information of various locations which helps them to select a suitable property for them.

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