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PH Balance Supppository

A ph balance suppository is the perfect solution to help you maintain your vaginal pH. It’s a gentle way to keep your vagina healthy and odor free so you can feel comfortable ‘down there’ again!

Do boric acid suppositories help with pH balance?

A holistic solution for your vaginal odor issues, these doctor recommended suppositories feature the natural mineral boric acid. This form of boron is known to promote vaginal balance by maintaining your vaginal pH in the normal, acidic range. More info :

vH essentials Prebiotic pH Balanced Vaginal Suppositories

Give your body the boost it needs with these prebiotic enriched suppositories that deliver a prebiotic formula of fructo-oligosaccharides to promote freshness and a lactic acid formulation that helps your body maintain a balanced vaginal pH. These suppositories are easy to insert and will leave your vagina feeling fresh and confident.

Kushae Medical-Grade Boric Acid Suppositories

Using a suppository with boric acid has been shown to be an effective way to eliminate BV and yeast infections. This boric acid suppository is sourced from seawater and is a safe, gentle capsule formula that is effective for the most common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection.

AZO Boric Acid Suppositories are the smart choice for taking control of odor and promoting vaginal pH, plus aloe vera to soothe your skin. These vaginal suppositories are made with clinically studied boric acid, which is a natural compound found in seawater, along with aloe vera, known to be soothing and moisturizing.