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Posca PC3M – A Paint Marker That Enables Creativity

Posca pc3m is an all-in-one paint marker that enables you to unleash your creativity. This versatile marker offers 8 different tip sizes for endless possibilities. Its fine bullet tip is perfect for writing, drawing and marking anything that inspires you in a steady line. It can also be used to create fine lines and add depth to your art. Whether you’re working on canvas, wood or any other surface, this marker will help you make your work stand out.

Why Choose Posca PC-3M Markers

The fine bullet tip is ideal for creative arts hobbyists who love scrapbooking and making greeting cards or table decorations; for artists and professionals who want to add colour or shading to their plans; and for amateur artists who personalize clothes or objects. It’s also great for children who enjoy coloring.

POSCA markers are filled with water-based opaque paint that allows light colors to cover dark surfaces and vice versa. The ink is mixable, layer-able and dries quickly. The odourless and Xylene-free ink is also waterproof when dry. It’s easy to remove from non-porous sealed surfaces such as glass, plastic and chalkboards and it bonds permanently to wood, clay pots, poster board, plaster and other porous materials.

This set of 32 bright, opaque Posca Markers will empower your creativity. The odourless, water-based ink is mixable, layer-able, dries quickly and can be written on most smooth non-porous surfaces. It can also be wiped off with a damp cloth, making it the perfect choice for use on photos, canvas and more.