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How to Monitor Leaked Passwords

When monitor leaked passwords are lost or stolen by hackers, they are often sold on digital marketplaces like paste sites and dark web forums. Compromised credentials are a contributing factor in data breaches that put executives at risk, erode customer trust, and impact businesses of all sizes and industries.

Monitor Leaked Passwords

Password monitoring solutions sift through these digital platforms to identify compromised credentials and alert you when they are found in a leaked database. They can also help you protect your organization from attacks and mitigate damage by detecting indicators of compromise (IOCs) and providing attacker details.

Some solutions use a password checker that compares the user’s current passwords with a database of passwords from leaked breaches. This helps identify which passwords are at risk of being compromised by cybercriminals and prompts the user to change them. Some services also offer a service that monitors users’ personal accounts to see if they are included in a data breach and, if so, to notify them of the leak.

Once you detect a password breach, it’s important to take action immediately. Admins need to block affected user accounts, require a password reset and enable MFA to prevent the attacker from accessing sensitive information. They should also educate their users to choose strong passwords to prevent their accounts from being compromised in the future. Finally, they should encourage users to use a password manager to help keep their data secure and organized.