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Magic and the Occult in Islam and Beyond

Sufi magic

Sufism is a religious movement that involves belief in mystical experiences, which are believed to enable Muslims to attain nearness to God, or Allah. This is a fundamental component of Islamic beliefs, although it can also be practiced by non-Muslims.

Sufi magic  is an art of focusing the human mind to an extreme intensity, often by using props and ritual. However, the mental focus required for magic is extremely dangerous and can have severe consequences on the body and soul.

The occult has been associated with terrorism and violence. Sufi leaders, communities, and sites have been targeted by extremist groups in different regions of the world. Sarah Feuer (Yale) argues that Islamic Sufism is one of the antidotes to these violent extremist ideologies and acts.

Sufi Magic and the Law of Attraction: Creating Your Own Reality

Mysteries of nature, modern enchantments, and the curse words of colorful incantations were among the many topics addressed in the two-day symposium “Magic and the Occult in Islam and Beyond,” held March 2-3 at Yale University. Organized by Travis Zadeh, the event brought together an international array of scholars with diverse areas of expertise.

The papers and discussions that ensued addressed the place of the occult in Islamic thought and the modern challenges of thinking in scholarly terms with alternative and contested epistemologies. The symposium was held in conjunction with an exhibition of archival materials that explore the history of occult learning, including the codicological traditions associated with shamanic practices and spells. These codicological sources, Zadeh argued, provide crucial resources for addressing major lacunae in contemporary historiography of Islamic thought.

Five Home Remodeling Resources – The Best Resource For Home Remodeling

Renovating a home can be a great way to add value, increase space and improve your home’s overall functionality. However, it can also be challenging and time consuming.

What are some resources for parents?

If you are considering doing a home renovation, there are several resources that can help make the process easier and less frustrating. To find the best resource for you, it is important to consider what type of project you plan on doing, the scope of the renovation, and your budget.

First, a good place to start is to look at reputable resource for home repair websites and magazines. These will give you tips and advice on how to make your remodeling project a success.

Next, you should also look at the latest design trends. These can help you determine what upgrades will add the most value to your home.

Finally, you should consult design websites and associations that specialize in housing and remodeling. These can offer advice on what projects will add the most value to your home, as well as how to avoid scams.

These five home remodeling resources can help you make the most of your home remodel, no matter what your budget is. From DIY tutorials to the best contractor matches, these resources will help you get started on your project and ensure it goes smoothly.

HGTV is a great place to get inspiration for your home remodeling projects. There are a variety of shows that focus on the latest trends in design, home improvement and even building custom homes.

Charleston Veterinary Clinic

charleston veterinary clinic


The charleston veterinary clinic aka CVC has been providing quality care for our canine and feline neighbors for over twenty-five years. The staff is made up of friendly, knowledgeable professionals who truly care about your pet’s health and well being. Whether you’re in need of an annual exam, routine health and wellness checks or emergency services, we have you covered.

Top Rated Veterinary Clinics in Charleston, SC: What Sets Them Apart

The latest in veterinary technology is employed to provide you with the most up to date information and preventative care for your pet. Our hospital is designed to foster an atmosphere of trust, respect and communication between you, your pet and our team of caring professionals. The most important part of any visit is to feel at ease in knowing your pet is in good hands. The CVC is the best place to start if you’re looking for a trusted, reliable veterinarian in your area. The team is committed to delivering the highest level of veterinary care available today and in the future.

Hampton Park Veterinary
627 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403, United States

How to Calculate the Cost of a Warehouse For Rent

warehouse for rent

Using a las vegas warehouse for rent can help your business grow by allowing you to add or subtract space to accommodate changing needs. This is a particularly useful option for companies that are growing quickly, or who need more room to accommodate new products and distribution strategies.

Renting a warehouse can also be a good choice for businesses that are in need of an office, but cannot afford to buy a warehouse outright with their current financial situation. This can give you the opportunity to develop a lease that requires your tenants to pay all the fees and operating costs associated with running a warehouse, reducing your overall expenses.

Why You Should Consider Short-Term Warehouse Rentals

The cost of renting a warehouse will typically include three key factors: the amount of space you need (in square feet), your base rental rate, and estimated operating expenses. The base rate will be paid every month or quarterly, and you should make sure to understand the triple net rent before signing a lease with a landlord.

CAM, or common area maintenance, is another factor to consider when calculating your warehouse costs. This is an expense passed onto the tenant by a commercial landlord, and may include things like building maintenance, property insurance, and electricity.

NNN, or net net net, is a term that refers to the taxes, property, and insurance a commercial tenant must pay in addition to their base rent. This can include things like electricity bills, so make sure you are clear on all the costs involved with the warehouse before you sign a lease.

Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Bali

With a booming digital nomad culture, bali coworking space  is quickly becoming one of the world’s hotspots for coworking spaces. Balmy temperatures, tropical backdrops, cheaper cost of living and the ease of visa renewal are just some of the reasons why this island has become a top choice for remote workers looking for a more flexible way to work.

The OG of Bali’s Coworking Spaces

Hubud is one of the pioneering workspaces that helped kickstart this new way of working and has a reputation for housing a diverse community of local and visiting talent, scoring a spot on the list of best co-working spaces in the world! This breezy indoor-outdoor bamboo structure offers members access to a relaxing rooftop lounge, gym and refreshing pool.

The Genius Cafe

If you want to work in a truly unique and inspiring environment, The Genius Cafe is the coworking space for you. With pristine views of the ocean, this dynamic cafe combines premium access to a global community with paid entry to their workspaces.

“Coworking in Canggu: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Productive Paradise in Bali

Dojo Bali

Located a few minutes walk from Echo Beach in Canggu, Dojo Bali is a great coworking hub for those looking to connect with fellow digital nomads. Open 24/7, this coworking space offers coliving accommodation a short walk up the road as well.


With everything from hot desks and private offices to meeting rooms, printing services, Skype booths, and a lightning speed internet connection, Biliq’s coworking space in Kuta has you covered. With a membership option that ranges from day passes to monthly passes, this location is perfect for digital nomads looking for a more flexible way to work.

Lighthouse Studios & Social Club – Cafe, Bar, Events, Podcast & Video Production
Jl. Raya Kerobokan No.5X, Kerobokan Kelod, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Wrist Wraps For Lifting

Wrist wraps are an effective and affordable piece of lifting gear. They can help you get stronger and more stable when performing heavy presses or overhead lifts. Go here :

They can also reduce your risk of injury by providing a stable wrist joint during these movements.

Unlike lifting straps, which are designed for heavy pulling exercises such as barbell rows, bench press, and jerks, wrist wraps are more specifically designed for heavy pushing movements such as pressing motions and overhead lifts. During these movements, the wrist can be pulled into excessive extension under load, resulting in compromised mechanics and potentially injury.

The best weightlifters use wrist wraps during these types of exercises to stabilize the wrist joint and prevent excessive movement. This can help you avoid injury and improve your performance!

How to Wear Wrist Wraps

The wrist wrap should be placed OVER the wrist joint, not OVERLY far onto the forearm. If the wrist wrap is placed OVERLY far onto the forearm, it will be useless.

You should be able to move the wrap freely, but it needs to be tight enough to support your wrists during the lift you’re doing. If the wrap is too loose, it will feel uncomfortable and not provide enough support.

Tightness is a matter of personal preference, but you should try to get used to tightening them. It will take time, but you should start with a 6 in tightness and work your way up to 10.

Wrist wraps are an inexpensive and helpful accessory for any weightlifter who struggles to keep their wrists neutral when performing a heavy bench or press. If your grip is correct and you’re using the right amount of weight, wrist wraps can help you increase your one rep max!

PH Balance Supppository

A ph balance suppository is the perfect solution to help you maintain your vaginal pH. It’s a gentle way to keep your vagina healthy and odor free so you can feel comfortable ‘down there’ again!

Do boric acid suppositories help with pH balance?

A holistic solution for your vaginal odor issues, these doctor recommended suppositories feature the natural mineral boric acid. This form of boron is known to promote vaginal balance by maintaining your vaginal pH in the normal, acidic range. More info :

vH essentials Prebiotic pH Balanced Vaginal Suppositories

Give your body the boost it needs with these prebiotic enriched suppositories that deliver a prebiotic formula of fructo-oligosaccharides to promote freshness and a lactic acid formulation that helps your body maintain a balanced vaginal pH. These suppositories are easy to insert and will leave your vagina feeling fresh and confident.

Kushae Medical-Grade Boric Acid Suppositories

Using a suppository with boric acid has been shown to be an effective way to eliminate BV and yeast infections. This boric acid suppository is sourced from seawater and is a safe, gentle capsule formula that is effective for the most common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection.

AZO Boric Acid Suppositories are the smart choice for taking control of odor and promoting vaginal pH, plus aloe vera to soothe your skin. These vaginal suppositories are made with clinically studied boric acid, which is a natural compound found in seawater, along with aloe vera, known to be soothing and moisturizing.

Cheap Delta 8 Cartridges

If you want to get high with cheap delta 8 carts, it’s better to buy it from a trusted online vendor. However, there are many scammers out there who sell products at rock-bottom prices, but are actually dodgy.

You need to be wary of any product that comes in opaque liquid. This could indicate that the distillation process is poor, or that there are contaminants in the liquid. Also, if the manufacturer uses synthetic ingredients and scents, you may be consuming toxins.

You also need to make sure that your Delta 8 vaping cart contains only natural and purely cannabis-derived terpenes. You do not want to consume anything that contains vitamin E acetate, which is dangerous to inhale.

There are a number of legitimate Delta 8 vaping cartridges to choose from. One of the top manufacturers is Exhale Wellness. Their products are known for their great taste, and have received excellent customer reviews. They also offer a money-back guarantee for their first 30 days of use.

Creating Budding Business Opportunities with Delta 8 Carts

Another reputable manufacturer is Live Resin. They specialize in premium quality cartridges. They also carry a wide range of Delta 8 vape carts, and are a great choice for beginners.

Delta Products is another top brand that produces affordable Delta 8 carts. These are available in a wide variety of potencies, and are made with herbal extracts and components that are not harmful to the human body.

In addition to delta-8, Diamond CBD is another brand that offers many choices. The brand has a wide selection of strains, and regularly runs sales and promotions. Customers can save up to 60% off the retail price.

Ways to Get Passive Income

Whether you are just looking to supplement your income or you’re ready to start your own business, there are many ways to get passive income | Go X. The key is to find something you’re good at and use it to your advantage.

How can I make a 5k monthly passive income?

For example, you could sell digital guides. These are ebooks written about topics that are popular on the internet. You can market them through a seller platform or through your own storefront.

You can also earn passive income by investing in cryptocurrencies. You’ll need to put in some upfront capital. Investing in cryptocurrencies is similar to earning interest on savings. However, you’ll need to do a lot of research before you jump into this venture.

Another way to earn passive income is to sell ads on social media. If you have a large following, you can earn revenue by promoting your content. It’s important to stay true to your content though. If you stray away from your subject matter, you’ll lose your following.

Another way to make money is by hosting an Airbnb. Airbnb connects homeowners with people looking for a place to stay. You can rent out rooms in your house or you can buy an apartment and rent it out to vacationers.

You can also earn passive income by renting out your car. If you’re a driver, you can sign up with services like Carvertise or Wrapify. If you need a ride, you can look for Lyft or Uber.

What is Breathwork?

breathwork session

breathwork session is a technique that uses the power of the breath to help improve your emotional and physical well-being. It has been used for many purposes including healing from trauma, depression, anxiety, anger and grief.

Breathwork sessions are an opportunity to take a break from the daily grind and connect with your inner self. Through this process, you can release emotional and physical blocks that are preventing you from moving forward. You can also receive downloads about what you need to know and what’s next in your life.

If you’ve ever experienced stress, indigestion or low immunity, breathing practices can be a powerful tool to help you maintain your health and reduce symptoms of these ailments. In addition to helping you with general wellbeing, breathing exercises may also be helpful in clearing your mind and enhancing creativity.

A breathwork session can be an intense experience, requiring full participation. The practitioner’s role is to provide you with support and guidance. They may guide you through a specific technique or ask you to create positive intentions for the session.

ON BREATH AND BREATHING: Breathwork By Any Other Name

If you are interested in participating in a breathwork session, consult a qualified and certified practitioner. Be sure to bring an inhaler to your first session.

Some people will experience a sense of warmth, buzzing, and tingling. Others may experience a sense of dehydration and tension. These experiences are normal and part of the healing process.

Participants should wear loose clothing that is comfortable to move in. They should also bring a pad of paper and water.