How to Apply an Epoxy Flake Floor

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An epoxy flake floor is a great way to add color and shine to a garage or workshop. They can help hide dirt, grime and damage to the concrete surface, as well as making the area look brighter and more inviting. In addition, specialist epoxy floor coatings can provide extra benefits such as anti-static, anti-fatigue and chemical resistance.

How long does epoxy flake flooring last?

It is important to get the foundation right before applying an Epoxy flake floor. Using a high-quality solventless moisture seal will create a strong bond with the slab, and ensure that any future top coats will last for years. Once the moisture seal has cured, you can apply your basecoat of choice, usually an epoxy rollcoat, in a color that matches the epoxy flakes you have chosen.

Once the epoxy is applied, a good quality polyaspartic top coat should be used to protect the floor from any chemicals or physical damage. This top coat should be spread across the floor in a thin layer, and rolled over twice with a microfiber roller.

A professional flooring contractor can help you choose the best epoxy flakes for your floor, and advise on how much coverage you will need. They can also help you select the ideal color for your space, and recommend a top coat that will protect your flakes for years to come.

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