How to Calculate the Cost of a Warehouse For Rent

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warehouse for rent

Using a las vegas warehouse for rent can help your business grow by allowing you to add or subtract space to accommodate changing needs. This is a particularly useful option for companies that are growing quickly, or who need more room to accommodate new products and distribution strategies.

Renting a warehouse can also be a good choice for businesses that are in need of an office, but cannot afford to buy a warehouse outright with their current financial situation. This can give you the opportunity to develop a lease that requires your tenants to pay all the fees and operating costs associated with running a warehouse, reducing your overall expenses.

Why You Should Consider Short-Term Warehouse Rentals

The cost of renting a warehouse will typically include three key factors: the amount of space you need (in square feet), your base rental rate, and estimated operating expenses. The base rate will be paid every month or quarterly, and you should make sure to understand the triple net rent before signing a lease with a landlord.

CAM, or common area maintenance, is another factor to consider when calculating your warehouse costs. This is an expense passed onto the tenant by a commercial landlord, and may include things like building maintenance, property insurance, and electricity.

NNN, or net net net, is a term that refers to the taxes, property, and insurance a commercial tenant must pay in addition to their base rent. This can include things like electricity bills, so make sure you are clear on all the costs involved with the warehouse before you sign a lease.

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