How to Mount and Treat Truck Flags

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When you see a truck flags with an American flag on the back, it’s an instant symbol of patriotism. In some parts of America, it’s also a symbol of cultural pride. Whether you drive a Puerto Rican, Hawaiian, or sports logo flag in your truck, you’ll want to follow some specific rules about how to mount and treat your truck flags. If you don’t, you may be turned away at schools or other public places that do not allow vehicles with flags to enter.

When deciding where to place your truck flag, consider the maximum size and weight your flagpole can support. You’ll also need a flagpole truck that supports your chosen pole and can handle the wind you will experience on the road. There are many options for truck flag trucks available. They come in silver, bronze, and black finishes to match your flagpole. Select a single pulley truck flagpole truck for a simpler design, or choose one with a ball or eagle finial to add some style.

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A common mistake people make with their truck flags is displaying them improperly. The star field should always be in the upper left hand corner of a moving flag. If you have a flag on both sides of your vehicle, it should be the same height on each side. Larger flags catch more wind than smaller ones and shouldn’t be mounted behind a vehicle.

Finally, flags mounted on or behind vehicles should only be used temporarily. An hour trip down the highway at 65MPH is like being exposed to hurricane force winds for an hour, and no flag can withstand that. It’s important to retire your flag properly when it becomes worn and damaged. This is often done by burning it, but some veterans groups offer other options.

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