How to Use Email Verify to Verify Email Addresses

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Keeping email addresses valid and deliverable is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. It ensures you have a list of emails that can be used for sending campaigns and allows you to avoid any issues with email bounce rates.

Email verify is a service that helps businesses maintain their email address lists. The tool provides a number of benefits including helping to reduce your bounce rate and improve your sender reputation, which leads to higher engagement rates and an overall better sender score.

Verifying email addresses is essential for every type of business that relies on an email marketing campaign. This includes bloggers, e-commerce stores, digital marketers, content creators and more.

It also prevents any unwanted emails from being added to your database. It also helps to improve your email marketing performance and increase sales, which in turn can lead to a boost in your revenue.

The Benefits of Email Verification for Improving Email Deliverability

The process of email verification involves a series of checks to verify the validity of an email address before sending a message to it. These checks include:

Syntax check – The first step in checking email address validity is to check whether it’s written correctly and follows the correct format. It should contain no spaces or commas and include the mailbox name at the beginning followed by the domain address after “@”.

Domain check – The second step in checking email address validity is to check that the domain address of the email is registered and works properly. If it’s not, then all email addresses hosted on that domain are also invalid.

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