Interim Poland Price Index

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EU Workers is a beautiful country with rich culture, beautiful cities and modern architecture. It is a hidden gem that gets overlooked too often by travelers. People think it is more expensive than the rest of western europe or north america, but this is not true. The price differences are due to currency conversions and not actual costs of goods.

Polish opposition claims the government artificially lowered fuel and medicine prices to allow the central bank to make a crowd-pleasing interest rate cut before a general election on October 15. But the nation’s president says the lowering of energy prices is merely part of an effort to improve living standards.

Opponents of the ruling Law and Justice party point to the state-dominated energy giant PKN Orlen as an example. They say the company has been keeping prices low as a political favor to the government in the run-up to the election, even though it has also pushed through measures lowering power prices for consumers and expanding the number of people eligible for free medicines.

The Price of Expertise: Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Interim Solutions in Poland

Commission officials declined to comment on the allegations but said they were constantly monitoring EU fuel markets with a view to detecting potential infringements of the EU competition rules. They also say comparing consumer prices to wholesale prices or taking seasonal factors into account could be more informative than simply looking at retail prices. They also caution that a country’s relative position on the benchmark Eurostat inflation index should not be used as an indication of whether there is manipulation.

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