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Commercial Hood Cleaning is a must for every restaurant owner to keep their kitchen exhaust system free of grease buildup and stay code compliant. Regular cleanings can reduce the risk of fires and health inspection violations. Choosing a professional hood cleaning service is vital to ensuring that the job gets done properly. There are many services to choose from, and owners and managers must know what they need to look for in a quality service.

Hood Cleaning Regulations: Staying Compliant | Jasvid Hood Cleaning

Cleaning operations include removing all loosened grease and debris from kitchen surfaces, applying degreaser chemical to hood surfaces, allowing the solution to sit for the recommended time, rinsing the entire system including ductwork, fans and exhaust fan, then cleaning filters and grease traps. The team will also remove and clean the roof or wall mount fan from the ductwork, cleaning the base, shroud and fan blades. The team will wipe down and mop all kitchen areas that appear soiled from the hood cleaning process, as well as any backsplash or other surface area affected. All kitchen hoods are cleaned and polished inside and out, with special attention to the filter tracts, plenum area and the grease troughs. The team will also inspect and test the operation of the fan, hood blowers, lights and grease trap alarms.

Most commercial kitchens are designed with a vent or ductwork that leads up through the roof. While this is not part of the standard hood cleaning service, if the owner wants it included, the company can quote and complete this as an additional service.

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