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mens harrington jacket

If you’re on the hunt for a minimalist outerwear piece, a mens Harrington jacket is the perfect choice. Made to be roomy, this lightweight jacket should fit comfortably while still allowing the arms to move freely. The bottom hem should be elastic, cover the waistband, and have cuffs that meet at the wrists. Alternatively, a slimmer cut might be the better choice for those of us who have longer arms and prefer to cover them.

How to Find Mens Harrington Jacket

Originally worn by English “Mods” riding scooters, a Harrington jacket was an insouciant throwback to a more conservative era. In the 70s and 80s, its popularity expanded as it was adopted by British punks, skinheads, and a wide range of rock and pop band members. Similarly, its minimalist design makes it a versatile option for everyday wear. Even today, it has a cult following.

Unlike the traditional mens harrington, a new fabric called ventile has been developed for use by RAF pilots during World War II. The durable nylon fabric used by Moncler allows the jacket to go from the slopes to the bar. Alternatively, if you want a less expensive mens harrington jacket, try Beams Plus’ brown paisley print. Make sure to check out the matching trousers, too.

The mens Harrington jacket is a classic British heritage piece, and has a long and rich history. It’s an ideal trans-seasonal piece, and its looser fit allows a sweater or even a crew-neck to be layered underneath. A simple shirt will help make this jacket the star of your outfit. However, if you want to wear a heavier coat with this jacket, keep it simple.

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