Types of Window Doors

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window door

If you love naturfönsters light in your home, you can opt for a window door which has glass on both sides. This allows continuous sunlight into your room and makes your house look bright. Such doors also protect from harmful UV rays and heat transfer. The insulated glass ensures that you stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Textured glass on the doors gives a stylish appearance and obscurity to your privacy and can be found in various designs like ripple, etched, fluted and ground glasses.

Casing – The molding that frames a window or door on the inside and outside of the frame. On the exterior, it is usually clad in siding or other material.

Bringing the Outdoors In: Enhancing Your Living Space with Window Doors

Blind Stop – A narrow rabbeted frame member on the bottom part of the casing which supports either a storm sash or screen. Also called a jamb stop, a sill or a sash stop.

Sliding windows – A window which is sliding on horizontal or vertical tracks, allowing sash to be moved open or closed for ventilation. The most common type of sliding window is a gliding window. Other types include a horizontal slider, a horizontal awning or a jalousie window.

Toughened safety glass – A tempered glass which has a layer of polyvinyl in the middle that keeps it glued together even if it breaks. This prevents shards of glass from falling and injuring people or pets.

Reinforced frames – A frame made of materials such as steel strips or metal plates which increase the strength and resistance to breakage of a window or door. There are several ways to enhance the security of your window door including adding stronger deadbolts, applying shatterproof glass film and installing one-way window sensors or smart locks.

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