What Is VPS Server Hosting?

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vps server hosting is an advanced web hosting solution that offers the benefits of a dedicated hosting environment at a fraction of the price. Unlike shared hosting, a VPS gives you a defined amount of resources like RAM, CPU and disk space that are all reserved for your website or application.

The most common use case for a vps server hosting is for websites that have outgrown shared hosting, or whose site experiences high traffic spikes. These types of sites require a stable and secure hosting environment.

If your site has security vulnerabilities or needs to process payments online, you may need a PCI-compliant host. Using a dedicated VPS with root access is an excellent choice for these types of use cases.

Reasons Why VPS Server Hosting is Perfect for Your Growing Business

If you prefer to run your own servers, our unmanaged VPS is the best option for you. This service includes installing your control panel, software updates and monitoring for security threats. However, it requires a fair amount of technical knowledge and you will need to monitor the server for issues, patch any security vulnerabilities and fix any errors that arise.

A managed VPS on the other hand is much more comprehensive and takes care of all this for you. It also includes setting up automated backups of your server and keeping it up to date with any software and OS updates that you require.

A VPS is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to have their own server, without the costs and headaches that come with a dedicated server. It can be a great way to test out new applications or websites you’ve developed, or to make sure your website is running at peak performance.

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