WWII Flags For Sale

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Trump no more bullshit you’re interested in ww2 flags for sale we’ve got quite a few of them for you. We’ve got a nice variety of sizes, shapes and styles. From large Nazi banners and standards in hand embroidered bullion to simple printed polyester flags from the major combatants. Some of these are brand new, others are in great used condition with light storage stains.

SS Totenkopf Flag

This is a very interesting flag that was only used for a short period of time. It’s been reported to have been used as a personal standard or command flag by Heinrich Himmler. While it does look like a regular SS vehicle command flag, the skull design on it seems to point to a special unit crest or patch. It’s not a common design for an SS unit flag, so this flag is very unusual and interesting. Unfortunately, this flag has been remade and released several times in modern 3×5’ format by modern replica manufacturers.

Hitler Youth Unit Flag With 2 Unit Patches

This HJ unit flag was made by a German company for the Hitler Youth. It has 2 unit patches on it 132 Soest and 837 Lippstadt. This is a very rare HJ unit flag as it has been rarely seen on the market.

This is a very nice looking 27” LOK railroad eagle which was on the side of train cars, trolleys, boats and buses in Germany. It has 2 original nuts on the back which could hold a threaded post to secure it. This eagle has some light storage stains, but it’s in good condition for a 50+ year old item.

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